Sample of injects from past events

Your team should have a general plan for each task.

  • Create Centralized Logging System
  • Lock Down the Wireless Network
  • OS/Runtime Vulnerability Scanning
  • Create Bastion (Jump Host) Infrastructure
  • Develop Incident Response Procedures
  • Implement Privileged Account Management
  • Track Elevation of Privileges
  • Install an Outbound Proxy
  • Create Incident Report Template
  • Provide Recommendations for System Monitoring
  • Harden Network Cryptography
  • Provide Recommendations for Alerts
  • Implement Alerts
  • Implement Security Event Tracking
  • Implement Incident Response Tooling
  • Implement a network packet capturing system
  • Manage Windows Admin Account Alerts
  • Create Dashboards
  • Implement an API Gateway / Application Firewall
  • Provide Situation Reports
  • Provide Forensic Investigations

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