The demand for volunteers will be greater in 2018 as we push NECCDC into the Cloud. The goal is automate as much as possible to be leveraged in future years. If you have any of the following skills, we could use your help. All volunteers are given the opportunity to interact with the student competitors.

Event Judges

Experience: IT/Security operations. Time: Day of qualifying and/or regional event. Engagement: Direct interaction with students to fairly evaluate thier performance.

Quiz Masters to run CTF

Time: Sat/Sun of regional event. Engagement: Drive cooperation as an enthusiastic game-master for ballroom of 120 competitors. The Facebook CTF will be used as the game platform. Need to develop quiz questions prior to the event and drive room interaction during the 2 hour event on March 18, 2018.

Security Product Managers

Skill: Administrative knowledge of one or more cloud security products. Time: Summer/Fall of 2017. Engagement: Provide a functional (not hardened) AWS product images. Suggest tasks that the students mightbe asked to complete during the events. Forward proxy: PaloAlto/Squid/Hyperfox WAF/reverse proxy: ALB/Nginx/PaloAlto WAM/IDP: Gluu/Cognito Helpdesk: OTRS/osTicket Status: Nagios/CloudWatch Pipeline: Docker/Ansible/Chef/Puppet Logging: Splunk/CloudTrail Auto-remediation: Lambda/CloudWatch Forensics: SIFT Bastion Host: ?

AWS Security

Experience: Secure AWS deployment(s). Time: Summer/Fall 2017. Engagement: Build Virtual Environment for qualifying events.

Web & Python developers

Skill: Small python services, possibly AWS lambda. Time: Summer/Fall of 2017. Engagement: Build out and test service scoring framework and dashboards for system status.

BDD & CI/CD pipeline

Experience: Behavior driven development testing and Ansible playbooks for AWS. Time: Summer/Fall 2017. Engagement: Build out AWS images and virtual environments. Create test automation to insure a level playing field for all competitors.

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